Principles In Action
Resourceful, Curious, Innovative, Connected

Our Guiding Principles  

We are a team-based company of peers who respect critical thinkers more than true believers.

We value talent and resourcefulness over tenure.

We support creativity, innovation and risk-taking and are not afraid to make mistakes.

We turn challenges into opportunities by being direct, respectful and collaborative.

We continually seek out and implement more productive and innovative approaches, methodologies and tools.

We communicate openly and honestly.

We place execution over perfection.

We believe everything is a process.
We actively expose and evaluate patterns as a means to continuously improve.

In September of 2010, a group of like-minded colleagues set out to create a company that enabled large industrial product manufacturers to meet the needs of exceptional customers more directly and intimately than ever before. Xenon Arc provides innovative and cost-effective technology-enabled solutions that transform the challenges of the new economy into competitive advantages. Personalized service, deep industry knowledge, modern digital tools and the talent to connect your brand and extend your enterprise.
We are Xenon Arc.

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