Lukasz Maltanski

Exterprise Lead, AdipreneDirect

Lukasz energetically leads a team of Account Managers and Technical Service Consultants to provide excellent business support to Chemtura’s Polyurethane customers. Lukasz focuses on relationship building, efficient business processes and continuous improvement to make AdipreneDirect the most effective supplier for Polyurethane solutions.

Lukasz started his career in the chemical industry at BASF. He gained experience working for LyondellBasell and Cristal Global as well, gradually moving into management. He has broad and experiential knowledge of Customer Care, Supply Chain and Direct Sales.

Lukasz was born and raised in Szczecin, Poland, but he has also lived and worked in Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands. He holds a master’s degree in Economics from the Poznan Business University, where he majored in Trade and Marketing.




Mica Zuniga

Exterprise Lead, QAdvantage

With roots in technical and niche industrial market segments, Mica is focused on ensuring that QAdvantage is aligned with its customers’ needs. Mica takes pride in ensuring that QAdvantage delivers industry-leading service and support to the light commercial manufacturing sector.

Mica started her career with the country’s leading wholesale clothing manufacturer, SanMar, before joining ChemPoint and then Xenon Arc. She has held leadership positions spanning several functional roles, including sales, marketing, and both product and project management.

After growing up in the small ski town of Girdwood, Alaska, Mica came to Seattle where she earned a B.A. in English Literature at the University of Washington. Outside the office, you might find Mica exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband, son and daughter.




Brian Benjamin

Exterprise Lead, Armacoat

Brian is focused on ensuring that Armacoat customers receive the best possible service experience. His diverse background in technology, operations, and customer service allow Brian to manage supply chain as well as pricing and sales initiatives while constantly keeping customer needs in mind.

Brian started his career in the chemical industry working for ChemPoint, engaging with manufacturers such as Dow, DuPont, and Eastman. During that time he built a diverse set of skills including sales forecasting, operational analytics, KPI development and performance reporting.

Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Brian received his B.S in Business Administration from the University of Illinois. Now work and life have led him to Seattle, where he has been pleased to find a tribe of like-minded ultimate players.




Jennifer McCarthy

Exterprise Lead, E-360

Jennifer focuses on ensuring that E-360 is aligned with each customer’s unique business needs. She engages with customers to improve their processes, create effective initiatives, and build informed and winning courses of action.

Jennifer is an innovative leader with extensive chemical industry experience. She has worked as a strategic account manager, global product manager, and national sales manager for industry leaders such as Ashland and ChemPoint. Jennifer utilizes cross-functional team development and cutting-edge technologies to consistently deliver customer satisfaction in rapidly changing environments.

A native Washingtonian, Jennifer earned her degree in Bioresource Science and Chemical Engineering from the University of Washington. She still enjoys getting out in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for a hike, a ski, or just a round of golf.




James Mason

Lead, Intermediary Intelligence

James helps businesses achieve their potential by reducing complexity and streamlining processes to enable transformative change. He has extensive experience helping organizations analyze their own costs and working with them to develop improvements around price optimization and channel management.

Before joining Xenon Arc, James held various senior commercial roles at Dow Chemical. He then joined Chemtura, where he served as Commercial Vice President before founding and serving as President of 917 Consulting, Inc. James has been instrumental in leading the development of competitive analysis models at Xenon Arc.

James is a graduate of Brigham Young University with degrees in Finance and International Marketing. He’s a proud grandfather, an accomplished runner, and he often drives much too fast at the racetrack.