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Kelley Hanten

Business Director

With a professional career devoted to the specialty distribution space, Kelley brings a deep understanding of chemical producers and their unique challenges to her role at Xenon arc. When she explains her job to people she meets, Kelley describes Xenon arc as a company that builds companies so we serve as an extension of our clients to enhance relationships with their customers in fragmented markets. In her role as a business director, she sees different challenges every day and tackles them head-on, frequently creating scalable solutions to solve problems that people — including clients, customers, and even internal Xenon arc teams — face on a regular basis so that she can help her team and her clients operate more efficiently.

One of the many hats Kelley wears means that she leads dedicated teams that manage support for our clients’ smaller customers while driving growth through marketing as well as high-level responsive service and value-add services that circumvent many of the supply chain and customer service issues many faced — even in a pre-pandemic world.

I absolutely love the people at Xenon arc — it’s such a great environment because everyone has such different backgrounds and strengths that we are always learning from each other. And, we’re all passionate problem solvers, so we come up with some incredible solutions to problems that have plagued materials producers for decades.

Kelley’s background in the chemical industry is impressive, and she draws on her biomedical engineering degree and solid understanding of business every day to serve her clients and her team. Pre-covid, she was an avid traveler and hopes to return to exploring the world one day soon. Until then, you can find her exploring the Pacific Northwest and experimenting in the kitchen.

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