A Team of Experts

We build high-caliber teams of subject-matter experts, leveraging their talent, knowledge base, and passion for finding creative solutions to drive results​

Allison Derke

Commercial Leader

"Life at Xenon arc keeps you on your toes — in the best possible way. I come into work excited for what I’ll learn that day, whether sharpening my toolkit or branching out in responsibilities."

Amy Perdue

Business Process Director

“Xenon arc excels at accelerating growth, reducing supply chain complexity, and driving innovation for our clients — we’re also heavily focused on internal team development and what I love most about coming into work is the opportunities for team building and coaching.”

Brian Choi

Account Manager

"Every day is different, and I enjoy connecting clients to the perfect solution in a way that overcomes the supply chain challenges that have come from the pandemic to improve their lead time, while growing client businesses."

Kelley Hanten

Business Director

“I absolutely love the people at Xenon arc — it’s such a great environment because everyone has such different backgrounds and strengths that we are always learning from each other. And, we’re all passionate problem solvers, so we come up with some incredible solutions to problems that have plagued materials producers for decades.”

Travis Boyd

Business Director

“Creating win-win solutions through value creation around efficiencies that benefit both the client and the small-to-medium-sized customers is what excites me most about working at Xenon arc. I love improving processes and developing training material to ensure we’re communicating key knowledge and valuable best practices.”

Ben Dulas

Commercial Lead

“My team is truly phenomenal! I’m so excited to work in an environment where professional talents are developed, both team and individual successes are highlighted, and everyone’s unique abilities are celebrated. The level of trust is high because we truly look out for each other.”

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