We build individual dedicated commercial teams that operate as our client, under their brand alongside a producer-branded eCommerce business.

Xenon arc was founded in 2010 to solve the challenge of maximizing yield from non-strategic customer segments. Since then, we've evolved to service 15 key producers, such as Kerry, Quaker Houghton, DuPont and Tate & Lyle. We have grown to 200 employees across five global locations the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands and Ireland.

Exterprise™. ex.ter.priz

(Adjective) The formation of an outward facing extension of your enterprise and all of its functions.

  • A brand specific, stand alone, team of people and a suite of digital solutions that address and improve operational efficiencies and customer experience on your behalf Exterprise™

Key Features:

  • Producer Branded, mostly remote, commercial teams
  • Take title to inventory and simplify the client's supply chain from order to cash
  • Take full ownership of customer service activities
  • eCommerce with online chat
  • Focused on growth in underserved / under focused markets


1) Is Xenon arc a distributor?

No, although we take title to inventory like a distributor, we go to market as our client through an Exterprise™.

2) What is the split of your business between regions?

We have majority of our business in the US, ~60%, 30% and growing in EU and 10% Latin America.

3) How are the Exterprises structured?

  • We hire STEM and business leaders, from food scientists to chemical engineers.
  • The Exterprise™ team manages the P&L, customer service and technical support.

4) Do you also support technical service?

  • Yes, we take the basic technical service for our clients.
  • We handle more than 90% of questions from customers. In partnership, we consult with our client's technical support expertise to handle more complicated opportunities.

5) What is in your technology stack?

  • We are a Microsoft house, using Dynamics for ERP / CRM.
  • directibilty™, eCommerce platform is built on Magento.