7 August 2020

Pam Kiel

Xenon arc Announces New Mobile Work Environment Program

Today Xenon arc announced to our shareholders the introduction of our Mobile Work Environment program, a new hybrid working model allowing our team members to have flexibility in their post-COVID work environment, whether that’s from a remote location or in one of our 4 global offices. Since transitioning to a remote working model in early March, we’ve been able to observe how our technology platform and already well-established remote selling & technical service model has allowed us to stay close to our customers as they navigated impact of the pandemic. The dedication of our team and the extreme focus on customer intimacy has been felt across all of our xa-DIRECT businesses, as we worked to deeply understand customer dynamics and provide insights and predictability to our producer clients. “Over the past 5 months, our technology environment and process discipline enabled us to crawl into nearly every nook and cranny of our business, and we’ve been able to measure productivity and financial outputs on a real-time basis, coach where needed, and the results speak for themselves”, said Paul Warburg, President & CEO, “We hope this new, innovative approach will continue to foster teamwork and collaboration, inspire inquisitiveness and aspiration, and help us grow and retain exceptional talent while promoting greater diversity.” The new program is being rolled out to the company over the next few months.

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