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Amy Perdue

Business Process Director

As a Commercial Leader serving the dairy manufacturing space, Amy helps dairy ingredient manufacturer clients find robust customized solutions for their upcoming productions with a particular focus on developing and serving SMBs. Every day gives Amy and her team an opportunity to solve new and unique challenges, which means they focus on a variety of tailor-made stabilizer solutions that help bring exciting new food products to market quickly and successfully.

Xenon arc excels at accelerating growth, reducing supply chain complexity, and driving innovation for our clients — we’re also heavily focused on internal team development and what I love most about coming into work is the opportunities for team building and coaching.

With a BFA in Sculpture from Arcadia University, Amy built deep industry experience in the sculptural materials industry by helping customers source materials to turn ideas into physical things. This knowledge of materials manufacturers combines with her natural inclination toward innovation to make her successful in her role. In her downtime, you can find her hiking or backpacking in the Pacific Northwest.

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