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About Us

Xenon arc builds branded channels to market on behalf of specialty chemical and food ingredient producers. Rather than choose between your direct customer relationships or off-loading those to distribution, we give you the best of both options. Our model consists of a branded commercial team, a branded eCommerce site, lead generation and full distribution services.

We fill a critical gap in your channel strategy and enable you to maintain and grow your relationship with typically underserved customers, while off-loading the operational complexity and cost of servicing those customers.

We become your “branded channel to market”.

Our Clients

Xenon arc operates across three continents


Passion, innovation, and personal growth drive us. By continually challenging what is possible when innovation, technology, and tenacity are the norm, we're able to realize success, growth, and transformation for all stakeholders: our clients, their customers, and our team members.

Mick Slattery

Chief Executive Officer

“I’m excited to join the Xenon arc team as we chart the next chapter advancing the ways in which producers engage with their customer base.”

Alyssa Cunnington

Chief Commercial Officer

“Our model opens the door for producers to have an integrated go-to-market solution that leverages our technology and expertise in the small customer, ‘exceptional market’ - all while having a fully dedicated, exclusive team working on our client's behalf."

Mica Zuniga

Chief Strategy Officer

“Xenon arc’s unique and paradigm-shifting model is changing how producers think about their non-traditional customers, markets and activities, helping them create and extract more value across their entire customer and product portfolio.”

Mariya Akmal

Chief Financial Officer

Murali Penubothu

Chief Digital and Information Officer

“The underpinnings of Xenon arc’s tremendous growth and value proposition to our clients and customers is our robust, innovative technology platform. We are looking to extend our leadership position, identifying additional new digital solutions that drive greater market and customer intimacy and intelligence, while creating greater transparency, scale and efficiencies.”

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