Updated: 1 Apr 2024



Founded in 2010 by a group of industry veterans, Xenon arc was created to redefine distribution by transforming the way specialty chemical and food ingredient producers go to market. Since then, Xenon arc has grown to 150 employees across 4 global offices servicing North America, Europe, South America and Mexico.

Xenon arc builds branded channels to market on behalf of specialty chemical and food ingredient producers. Rather than choose between your direct customer relationships or migrating them to distribution, we give you the best of both options. Our model consists of a branded commercial team, a branded eCommerce site, and lead management, with full distribution services.

We fill a critical gap in your channel strategy and enable you to maintain and grow your relationship with traditionally difficult to serve customers, while off-loading the operational complexity and cost of servicing those customers.

Welcome to your branded channel to market.


We have established strategic relationships with key leaders across multiple sectors within the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry, playing a critical role in their channel and go-to-market strategies. We drive targeted growth among traditionally difficult-to-serve customer segments.

Key Benefits

We multiply your team and subtract the cost of it from your bottom line.

Keep your customers close

Maintain a branded relationship with your customers, supported by the technical expertise your products require, with a tailored customer experience aligned to customer needs.

Expand your sales team

We serve as a strategic extension of your team, aligned to your go to market priorities and messaging, driving growth with a mix of inside sales, field sales, proactive sales campaigns & digital marketing – all directed by you.

Accelerate digital transformation

With built-in, branded eCommerce, digital marketing and lead management, we can quickly stand up a digital customer experience – allowing you to test digital channel strategies without disruption to your strategic activities.

Enhance your data

Gain on-demand visibility to customer and market trends via readily accessible dashboards, deepening and broadening your understanding of your customers.

Reduce operational complexity

We help you lower operational costs and overhead by providing full distribution services, supporting all customer interactions and managing the entire order-to-cash cycle.


Is Xenon arc a distributor?

NO and yes. We do distribution, but we are not your typical multi-line distributor. We are a strategic element in your channel strategy - we operate in an exclusive and dedicated manner focused on three main objectives:

  • Creating a compelling customer experience for your customers aligned to your brand
  • Partnering with your team to drive customer growth
  • Off-loading the logistical complexities of fulfilling your customers’ needs
What is your business model?

We provide services and manage the fulfillment of goods using a combination of service fees and traditional distribution pricing models.

Do you take title to inventory? Where is the inventory stocked?

Yes, we take title to inventory and manage a network of warehouses and carriers in locations selected to meet the unique needs of your customers.

How are the teams structured?

We staff our producer-branded teams with a mix of STEM and commercial talent. Our teams include technical service, inside and outside sales, customer service and support.

How long will it take to introduce and implement the Xa Exterprise™ concept?

It takes 90 days to implement. This includes hiring a curated team, training, customer notification, procuring inventory and establishing the technology platform.

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