Updated: 1 Jul 2023



Xenon arc was founded in 2010 to solve the challenge of maximizing yield from non-strategic customer segments.  Since then, we’ve evolved to service 15 key producers, such as Kerry, Quaker Houghton, DuPont and Tate & Lyle. We have grown to 200 employees across five global locations the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands and Ireland.

Historically, material producers have had the choice of serving their non-strategic segments using their own high-value resources or to move those customers through distribution. Xenon arc combines the best of both approaches by bringing all the benefits of working with your customers directly (building brand equity, access to customer data, focus) and the benefits of hiring a distributor (working capital and resource redeployment, better service levels).

We build individual dedicated commercial teams that operate as our client, under their brand alongside a producer-branded eCommerce business.

Key Features:

  • Fully dedicated, mostly remote, commercial teams
  • Take title to inventory and ownership of AR
  • Take full ownership of customer service activities
  • Producer-branded
  • eCommerce with online chat
  • Focused on growth in underserved / under focused markets


1)     Is Xenon arc a distributor?

No, although we take title to inventory like a distributor, we go to market as our client through an Exterprise™.

Exterprise™. ex.ter.priz
(Adjective) The formation of an outward facing extension of your enterprise and all of its functions.

  • A brand specific, stand alone, team of people and a suite of digital solutions that address and improve operational efficiencies and customer experience on your behalf Exterprise™

2)     How do you make money? In two ways:

  • We have a licensing fee which supports human resources and technology.
  • We agree upon product pricing with our client, and are accountable to grow margin, testing market price elasticity, for Xenon arc

3)     Do you take title to inventory? Where is the inventory stocked?

  • Yes, we take title to inventory.
  • Warehouses/Logistics are established with 3PLs to meet the needs of the client’s customer base.

4)     What is the split of your business between regions?

  • We have majority of our business in the US, ~60%, 30% and growing in EU and10% Latin America.
  • We have plans to grow in Asia, by establishing and office in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia in late 2023.

5)     How are the Exterprises structured?

  • We hire STEM, from food scientist, culinary specialists to chemical engineers, biochemists, etc.    
  • We also hire business / sales leaders.
  • The Exterprise™ team manages the P&L, customer service and technical service

6)     Do you also support technical service?

  • Yes, we take the basic technical service for our clients.
  • We can manage about 85% of questions from customers. We depend on our client’s technical service team for more complicated support needs.

7)     What is in your technology stack?

  • We are a Microsoft house, using Dynamics for ERP / CRM.
  • directibilty™, eCommerce platform is built on Magento.
  • We use ZenDesk for customer service / chat.

8)     How long will it take to introduce and implement the Xa Exterprise™ concept?

It takes 90 days to implement an Exterprise™. This includes hiring a curated team, training, customer notification, procuring inventory and establishing the technology platform. 

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