13 September 2022

Xenon Arc Launches conntact™ 2.0

Business Insights Application Delivers Market Intelligence, Customer Intimacy & Product Performance Transparency for Manufacturers in the Materials Industry

September 13, 2022, 11:00 GMT

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON , USA, September 13, 2022 ( - Xenon arc has launched conntact™ 2.0, the latest iteration of its industry-leading business insights application designed to meet the data analytics needs of manufacturers in the chemical and materials industry. conntact™ 2.0’s market, product and customer transparency advancements provide actionable insights that deepen customer intimacy, accelerate business development, drive operating efficiencies, and further foster innovation.

“A major source of discontent for materials producers is a lack of real-time customer data and feedback,” says Mica Zuniga, Chief Strategy Officer, Xenon arc. “With conntact™ 2.0, Xenon arc offers our clients a unique, interactive visualization of critical company data—actionable insights—to propel the growth and transformation of their businesses. The key to holistic customer intimacy and reducing friction between manufacturers and their end-use customers is the ability to quickly decipher, interpret and translate data into value-creating strategies.”

conntact™ 2.0 builds upon the original, innovative conntact™ platform to provide more impactful data visualization and greater granularity into market dynamics, customer behavior and SKU-level performance. It enhances ease-of-use requirements by simplifying the creation and customization of dashboards, reports, and action items.

Specifically, conntact™ 2.0 creates convenient and visually appealing dashboards giving detailed customer analytics revealing patterns and trends for a big-picture view. These actionable insights include real-time end-user visibility, transaction-level views, customer pricing and price insights, demand planning and forecasting, business performance metrics, and business plan and ROI metrics.

“We formed a client advisory committee consisting of strategic and day-to-day users of conntact™ to understand usage objectives to develop impactful enhancements and functionality to the application,” Zuniga added. “The result of this process is a dynamic platform that provides timely, actionable information and visualization on a macro-level with the capability of drilling down into end market, customer and SKU specific details to formulate fact-based business decisions and strategies.”

“conntact™ 2.0 is an important component of Xenon arc’s overall value proposition as we enhance our clients' brand experience with their end-use customers,” commented Paul Warburg, President and Chief Executive Officer of Xenon arc. “Our technology solutions, including our client-facing conntact™ 2.0 and our customer-facing directibility™ applications, combined with our industry-leading technical and commercial teams, strengthen the intimacy between manufacturers and their products, with their end-use customers. Our determined focus on understanding the unique needs of smaller, non-core customers enables us to continuously develop innovative, industry-leading solutions for our manufacturing clients worldwide.”  

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