5 June 2023

Xenon arc Launches directibility™ 2.0. eCommerce Platform

The newest evolution of the industry leading eCommerce solution that has changed the way customers connect with brands in the materials manufacturing industry.

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON , USA, June 4, 2023 -- Xenon arc, the materials industry customer experience, marketing, and sales leader, announced the launch of directibility™2.0directibility™2.0 is the next iteration of the fully integrated research, selection, and ordering ecommerce solution first pioneered by Xenon arc in 2020. Xenon arc continues evolve cutting edge products in their suite of digital tools that power modern, innovative business models on behalf of their clients. directibility™ 2.0 is the first roll-out in a series of investments currently in R&D.   

At its core directibility™2.0 eliminates barriers between manufacturers and customers, increases speed and provides greater access to real-time information largely for small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in the materials industry. directibility™ 2.0 personalizes the customer experience, and is one of the cutting edge tools in Xenon arc’s disruptive Exterprise business model.

“Embracing the power of ecommerce is essential for our goal of holistic customer intimacy. By leveraging the core capabilities of our ecommerce platform, we can create a seamless online buying experience, personalize our marketing efforts, integrate various digital marketing channels, streamline operational efficiency, and make informed decisions based on business intelligence.” Said Murali Penubothu, Chief Digital and Information Officer. “These aspects deepen our customer relationships, drive growth and position us as a leader within our industry.”

Powering directibility™ 2.0 is a deep, fundamental understanding of SMB customer requirements and their overall customer journey, from product discovery through to product purchase, delivery tracking and re-order.  Some of the key advancements in this new version are: Advanced Frictionless Online Purchasing, Personalized Marketing, Integrated Digital Marketing Channels and Business intelligence services. directibility™ 2.0 allows users to order, view documentation and get expert live service and assistance on-demand. 

directibility™ 2.0 is at the center of Xenon arc’s Exterprise model that brings materials producers closer to their customers with a host of digital and analogue solutions that drive growth, simplicity and transparency into their relationships. 

“For years there has been a service imbalance between customers and producers in the materials industry,” Commented Paul Warburg. Chief Executive Officer of Xenon arc. “Through the directibility™ 2.0 release and its new suite of capabilities, customers can now rely on a holistic solution that brings them closer to selected manufacturers’ products, services and overall brand promise, while manufacturers develop deeper, more intimate relationships with their end-users in a significantly more cost-effective manner."

Xenon arc was founded in 2010 in Bellevue, Washington and has offices in Ireland, The Netherlands, Brazil and Mexico. 

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