We are pioneers in balancing technology automation with customer demands for personalization and customization.

directibility™ is a fully integrated and supported online eCommerce platform delivering value across the entire customer journey – from product discovery through purchase and post-sale support:​

  • Individualized, custom storefront​
  • Easy set up & fast go-live​
  • Live inventory & availability
  • ​Order fulfillment & integrated tracking​
  • Document management tools​
  • Full order support through journey​

conntact™ is a private business intelligence platform giving you full transparency and visibility to business operations and delivering actionable insights driving innovation, growth and improved profitability:​

  • Real-time end user visibility​
  • Transaction-level views​
  • Customer pricing & price insights​
  • Demand planning & forecasting​
  • Business performance metrics​
  • Business plan & ROI metrics​

Tech Enabled Process

We are a digital-first company, where sustainability, resiliency, and human creativity combined with flexible and adaptable technologies deliver tailored customer experiences, hyper customization, an intelligent supply chain, and greater operational efficiencies.​

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Our unique growth and operation model is proven to return over 300% ROI on initial investment.

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