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15 • 6 • 21

The SMB Market and How You Can Expand Your Market Shares Through It

We build complementary, private, producer-dedicated platforms that offer deep, data-driven insights and improved customer intimacy​

Project your 5-year growth with Xenon arc

Our unique growth and operations model is proven to return over 300% ROI on initial investment.

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The Exterprise Solution

A holistic customer engagement platform that leverages analog and digital capabilities to streamline your business operations and go-to-market strategy while simultaneously delivering a more intimate customer experience.​

Market Development

  • Build win-win relationships with customers​
  • Expand your customer base​
  • Grow brand loyalty​
  • Increase wallet share​
  • Test new sales channels​
  • Augment your traditional sales strategy​


  • Leverage new direct sales channels​
  • Engage with customers on their preferred platforms​
  • Simplify the buying experience​
  • Develop personalized experiences​
  • Optimize all sales channels​
  • Kick-start your eCommerce growth initiatives​

Operational Support

  • Identify opportunities for innovation​
  • Reduce operational complexity​
  • Align supply chain with demand projections​
  • Reduce working capital expenses​
  • Consolidate product portfolio​
  • Improve service performance

Customer Support

  • Identify opportunities for innovation
  • Reduce operational complexity 
  • Align supply chain with demand projections 
  • Reduce working capital expenses 
  • Consolidate product portfolio 
  • Improve service performance

The Xenon arc Approach​

Proven Returns. Accelerated Growth.​

Complementary Solutions

We complement the core competencies of the businesses we serve by offering a robust menu of omnichannel solutions

Digitally Native

We leverage innovative technologies, such as eCommerce, ML/AI, and advanced analytics to simplify operational processes

Dedicated Platform

We are the partner of choice many leading producers, we build complimentary, dedicated platforms for each client


Our omnichannel solutions are backed by dedicated teams of industry experts purposely selected for each client


Our team of multi-disciplinary experts have perfected the process to maximize client value creation


Our technology solutions provide the foundation of our omnichannel Exterprise platform


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