14 September 2021

Mica Zuniga

There Is A (Digital) Transformation Happening In Our Industry, You Are Either Onboard Or You’ll Be Left Behind

There’s a difference between fads and transformations. Fads wax and wane relatively quickly — whereas transformations leave a lasting mark. The digital revolution is the latter. Although the pandemic rapidly accelerated digital adoption, the writing has been on the wall for decades. Digital is here to stay, and even more than that, it’s the new reality for the chemical and manufacturing industry despite our industry’s hesitance and often outright unwillingness to adopt new technologies.

However, the companies that are willing to take a hard look at what’s possible are the ones that get to do more than simple want a bigger slice of the market share pie. Those are the companies that will come out on top as we emerge from the pandemic and the increasingly global supply chain.

Let me explain —

Humanity has a history of leaving behind ancient history. Sure, we study it, we marvel at the way our predecessors did things — but for our trajectory for thousands of years has been a constant search to find better, more efficient technologies. Groups that refuse to join the forward motion get left in the dust.

Fossilization is So Last Epoch

If it hadn’t been for that meteor, who knows what would have happened to the dinosaurs — maybe they’d be walking, talking, and inventing today. Hard to say. Yet some in our industry resemble those giant lizards today — stuck in the mud and unable to adopt the latest technologies.

Trust me when I say — you don’t want to become a dinosaur, relegated to history, especially with the long, storied history of many of the companies in this industry.

The thing about transformations and revolutions is that they change everything — and if you’re used to doing things a certain way, accepting and implementing those changes can be uncomfortable. However, it’s better to get a little uncomfortable now than to find your role — and your market share — buried and forgotten, a fossilized relic for the history books.

So What Does Digital Adoption Look Like?

No one can predict the future. However, looking to the past, we can say with certainty that anyone willing to rest on their laurels and find comfort in “the way we’ve always done it” will get left behind.

Digital adoption is unique in our industry because in many cases it’s the more fragmented accounts that drive innovation. It makes sense if you think about it — the markets with the most room for improvement are the ones where we’ll concentrate hardest on growth. And more importantly, they’re where we’ll see the biggest shifts — whether in product-market fit, innovative business process, or increasing profitability.

All business units can learn lessons from streamlining and simplifying fragmented markets because digital adoption means so much more than virtual meetings:

  • Real-time information on customer pipelines
  • Seasonal trends
  • Increasing control over global supply chains
  • Detailed information on cost reduction and profitability
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Digital marketing
  • Increased opportunities for feedback and new product-market fits
  • Innovative products
  • And so much more...

Keeping Relic Hunters at Bay

The last thing producers in the materials industry want is to have increasing amounts of their market share carved away. And that’s where Xenon arc’s groundbreaking model comes in. We draw on a triple threat of industry knowledge, technological expertise, and digital experience to keep our clients ahead of the competition and improve the way they bring products to market.

After all, we’re driving this train — and the conductor’s shouting “ALL ABOARD!” Will you join us? Or get left behind?

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