10 October 2021

Mica Zuniga

Turning Dozens of Accounts into One

The small business dilemma is real. Collectively, the SMB represent almost one-third of your potential market. However, managing those accounts and fulfilling them is time-consuming and can take as much time and labor – if not more – than servicing the other 67 percent.

You’ve got a dilemma on your hands and there are two mutually exclusive options you can choose from.

  1. You can serve your SMB customers at the risk of overtaxing your sales and fulfillment teams and potentially hurting your bottom line.
  2. You can place their needs at a lower priority than larger accounts or not serve them at all.

It leaves you between a rock and a hard place. You don’t want to lose market share to your competitors, and you don’t want to be known as a company that ignores the little guy. However, if you don’t make tough choices, you stand the risk of alienating your shareholders and sullying your brand — which is the last thing you want to do.

In a perfect world, you’d serve all your clients equally.

Ideally, you would have practices in place that allowed you to forecast and fulfill the needs of your smaller customers, a way for them to order when and how it’s convenient for them, and technical teams on standby to answer their questions. In doing so, you would also become known as the best company to do business with.

However, the world is rarely perfect. And more likely than not, you haven’t found an effective business model that allows you to serve every client equally.

Because your company must be accountable to its shareholders, your management team finds itself having to make strategic decisions about the accounts you can serve. The sad truth is that many of these smaller businesses are no longer strategic because they often:

  • Order smaller quantities with most orders significantly less than a full truckload
  • Have more line items on a single order, which sometimes means shipping from multiple locations
  • Have a lot of technical questions that the sales and customer service team isn’t prepared to answer

They feel the divide — and they know that they’re not a priority. It’s frustrating to them because they want to feel valued and have a true partner.

How can you serve dozens of small customers the way you want to?

The answer is to consolidate those accounts into one by riding the digital revolution wave so that you can simplify communications and order fulfillment. And, this is where Xenon arc comes in.

Our proprietary and innovative business model bridges the gap between the new digital world and the way you’ve always done business. With the use of technology, we enable you to extend your brand promise to every customer, regardless of how complicated it is to serve them.

We simplify fragmented markets.

We take on your most challenge markets and effectively turn dozens of accounts into one by transforming the way you serve your customers. Using a mix of new technologies including e-commerce and digital marketing, we’re able to forecast what your smaller customers need and warehouse it in a single location to deliver the high-touch experience they want.

By taking title to top-selling products and reducing the minimum order quantity for your SMB customers, we save producers millions of dollars in labor and fulfillment costs. And your once hard-to-service customers stand up and take notice — and they show you their very real appreciation.

Please contact Mica Zuniga at to learn how we can turn dozens of your most fragmented accounts into a single one.

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