25 July 2021

What are the Barriers to Third-Party Fulfillment and How You Can Overcome Them

As the world gets smaller, the digital revolution continues to break through borders, simplifying everything from communication and education to sales and fulfillment. eCommerce is transforming the way we do business as well as the way we leverage the global supply chain and optimal efficiency.

The Limitations of Third-Party Channels

Third-party channels can bring unique challenges when it comes to sales and service — limited product availability and misaligned inventory, long lead times for backordered or out-of-stock items, and sales reps that prioritize bigger accounts over small business needs. As a result, small and mid-size customers frequently express frustration and dissatisfaction. Regardless of which channels fulfills those orders, one entity along the value chain pays the price when it comes to market perception — the manufacturer.

So how can manufacturers recover from the challenges wrought by third-party channels acting on their behalf, rebuild their brand perception, and extend their brand promise equally to clients around the world?

One word: digital.

How Digital Innovation is Disrupting Distribution

Although pre-2020, we were already experiencing exponential technological growth and digital adoption, the pandemic propelled digital innovation to the forefront out of sheer necessity, pushing us nearly a decade further than projected as more sales moved to eCommerce over brick-and-mortar storefronts.

Xenon arc was already leading the digital charge to break barriers and challenge long-held ideas of what is possible to create a digital marketplace for producers in the materials and ingredients industries.

Our approach blends a deep understanding and background of how these industries bring products to market with our existing focus on balancing global supply chains with regional demand. As a result, our proprietary eCommerce platform extends our producer clients’ brand promise to customers of all sizes, while simplifying the fragmented supply chain and reducing costs.

With the click of a button, a customer — regardless of business size — can order products in small quantities, connect with subject matter experts, and get recommendations that improve the trajectory of their business.

Channels that remain stuck in archaic models and non-digital mindsets simply can’t compete.

An Industry-Leading Win-Win Solution

Ultimately, working with Xenon arc’s eCommerce solution positively impacts both materials and ingredients producers and their customers. Because customers of all sizes enjoy better service and improved order lead times. They also develop stronger relationships with the brand as a result. In turn, producers can increase market share by as much as 30% while decreasing fulfillment costs by millions of dollars.

To learn more about Xenon arc’s industry-leading solution to bust through the limitations and challenges of highly fragmented channels, contact Mica Zuniga at

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