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Xenon Arc, Inc. Appoints Mick Slattery
Chief Executive Officer

You Evolve as a brand. How you service and grow your customers should too.

We extend your marketing and sales reach to ALL of your customers transparently, with a dedicated team that goes to market AS you. We call that your Exterprise™

What is an “Exterprise™”?

Exterprise™. ex.ter.priz

(Adjective) The formation of an outward facing extension of your enterprise and all of its functions.

  1. A brand specific, stand alone, team of people that create and implement solutions that address and improve operational efficiencies and customer experience on your behalf at your request.
  2. A single source device used to re-claim your customers, from old or outdated distribution and digital only systems, that is completely transparent and in your control at all times.
  3. The act of being both an internal AND external component of a business that appears to be of the same business. Operated with exacting precision to the strategies and goals of the brand.

Market Development

  • Build win-win relationships with customers​
  • Expand your customer base​
  • Grow brand loyalty​
  • Increase wallet share​
  • Test new sales channels​
  • Augment your traditional sales strategy​

Digital Solutions

  • Leverage new direct sales channels​
  • Engage with customers on their preferred platforms​
  • Simplify the buying experience​
  • Develop personalized experiences​
  • Optimize all sales channels​
  • Kick-start your eCommerce growth initiatives​

Operational Support

  • Identify opportunities for innovation​
  • Reduce operational complexity​
  • Align supply chain with demand projections​
  • Reduce working capital expenses​
  • Consolidate product portfolio​
  • Improve service performance

Customer Support

  • Identify opportunities for innovation
  • Reduce operational complexity 
  • Align supply chain with demand projections 
  • Reduce working capital expenses 
  • Consolidate product portfolio 
  • Improve service performance

The Xenon arc approach​:

One Brand. One Promise. One team. Yours.

Strategic Solutions

We complement the core competencies of your businesses by offering a robust menu of solutions that are set to your strategies.

Radical Advocates

We are an extension of you. Your Xenon Arc dedicated team is built for you, your products and your customers.

Dedicated Platform

Your brand. Your Products. Your customers. All in one place.


Our experts work directly with your customers as an extension of you offering top-of-class service that elevates the customer experience.


Our team of multi-disciplinary experts have perfected the process of maximizing client value.


Our proprietary technology provides the foundation of your Exterprise™ platform.

Project your 5-year growth with Xenon arc

Our unique growth and operations model is proven to return over 300% ROI on initial investment.

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